Welcome To My Studio!


Rates (Travel Fees Negotiable)

1/2 hour = $30

1 hour = $50

1.5+ hours = $25 per 1/2 hour


About Me/Teaching Philosophy:

 Hello everyone! My name is Don and I am a freelance guitar teacher/performing artist in Las Vegas, NV. I teach mainly beginning to intermediate skill levels, and give students (all ages) the option to learn in the privacy of their own home, or in a calm, comfortable studio I have prepared in mine.

Best of all, I allow students to learn songs and styles that they want to learn. Instead of regurgitating traditional teaching methods, I help my students learn how to teach themselves how and what they desire. An odd objective, to put myself out of work... But you see, herein lies a unique approach to music. Think about it! Many of your favorite musicians don't even know how to read music, and virtuosos of all different instruments...who taught them how to be so good? They did. Their passion for music drives them, and that is the passion I seek to bring out in my students.

Music is much like a language, some say it is a language. Let's pretend, even if you don't believe, music is a language. When you are young and learning how to speak, you did so before knowing many linguistic rules, right? With no fear of failure, we all learned to "jam" or speak by surrounding ourselves with masters of the language and simply imitating them. Notice, most musicians can "give speeches" or play something they know, but far less can "speak freely" or improvise with as much ease. All over fear of mistakes! Strange... with talking, wouldn't you say it's easier to ramble, than to remember word for word, something someone else has said before?

It's all in the way you look at music. If you tell yourself you must practice hard to get better, you MAKE it hard. Think of a baby trying to talk. Do they judge what comes out when they try to talk? Nope. And in this lack of judgement, they unconsciously are made aware of new information, they learn, and they get closer to speaking.

A different perspective can allow you to see that if we thought of learning music like learning the language we already know, maybe it's not so hard. We already did it with English before we even went to school to learn how! It's interesting to ponder, what if simply our perspective on learning is why adults who feel they know it all don't learn anything new! Or why children with imaginations can pick up things like languages so much quicker!

Enough philosophy... are you just starting to learn guitar? Are you "stuck in a box"? Do you want to learn how to improvise/write music? Do you just want some fresh perspectives? Give me a ring, I'm sure I can help!


Thanks so much!

- Don



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Contact me at (702) 513-1796 or donzolv@gmail.com with any questions you have!